Inside UK towns roughest pub where locals admit to having only one problem

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    The roughest pub in a UK seaside town was once known for its “violence” but punters now say the problem is outside.

    YouTuber Wendall headed down to the southwest, to the seaside town of Torquay which in his words “is not quite as high-heeled as it used to be”. During his visit, he headed to the pub dubbed the “roughest” in town.

    That boozer was the Castle, which Wendall described as “notorious”. After some nerves, he and his companion headed into the boozer and got chatting to the locals.

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    With St George and Union Jack flags adorning the ceilings, he chats to an old boy sipping his pint by the fruit machines. Wendall says that he has noticed some “problems in the town” when the old man jumps in, “there’s only one problem”.

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    Asked what that problem the old man points to the wall and says: “Out the back. Factory Row. Move it. Sahara Desert."

    Factory Row was previously described by Devon Live as a “no-go” area, where a homeless hostel has been set up. Crime in the area has often been blamed on Factory Row and it seems the man in the pub was no fan of the shelter.

    He said he wanted the people from the hostel sent to “the other end of it [the Saraha], and let them find their way back.”

    While in the Castle, he also got chatting with the barman who had been working there for “about two and half years”.

    He said he’s seen a lot of changes in his time there, noting: “It was quite well known as quite a violent pub.” He added: “Now, with new management, a lot of people have told to be on their way.”

    Nick Pannell, Chairman of the Friends of Factory Row, previously told Devon Live: “It’s wrong to link anti-social behaviour in the Castle Circus area with the hostel in Factory Row. It’s well-run and fully staffed 24 hours a day and the team work tirelessly to prevent trouble. But we are often a victim of what’s going on outside.

    "Torquay is a busy town centre with pubs, fast food and now a cinema. People gather in the higher end of town and we don’t live in a society where we just move people on for loitering. The town centre sits in an area of acute deprivation with many houses in multiple occupation. Drug and alcohol use is chronic and has been for decades.

    "The hostel is one of a number of projects in the town centre which helps people out of poverty including the food banks at PATH, St Mary Mags and the rehabilitation centre at Shrublands.”

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