Wetter forecast: Heavy rain and frost this week as heatwave vanishes

UK weather: Thundery and heavy showers expected

Britons made the most of the hot weather yesterday before cooler temperatures, heavy rain and even frost make a return this week.

Sun seekers basked on the beach between thunderstorms yesterday, in what forecasters believe was the last in the run of 30C days.

A cool front from the far north is pushing southeastwards this week bringing colder conditions across the country, including potential ground frost on Wednesday, the Met Office said.

Temperatures will hit highs of 27C today (Monday) with a few isolated areas reaching 29C, the Met Office said.

It will be hot and humid, with a weather warning for thunderstorms in place until 6am today across the north of England and southern Scotland.

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Thunderstorms gripped the UK yesterday, with the north of England and Wales, the Midlands, Lincolnshire, and southern and north east Scotland under a yellow weather warning for most of the day until midnight.

The north west felt the brunt of the thunder and lightning, with the Met Office expecting nearly three inches of rain to have fallen in some areas.

Rain stopped play for England v New Zealand in late morning in Southampton, with the cricket only resuming at about 2pm. But it was a different story for East Anglia and the south east, with temperatures around 32C in Kent.

Revellers packed out Margate beach in the county while Cambridge tourists sought shelter under parasols while punting on the River Cam.

September’s record breaking Indian summer will come to an end this week, after seven consecutive days of temperatures above 30C.

Amy Bokota, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “A cool front across the far north is sinking south eastwards bringing change through the week.

“Monday will be warm with more thunderstorms breaking out through the middle of the day.

“It will still feel warm and humid across the south, feeling quite uncomfortable for sleeping, but we will be starting to see some cooler, fresher conditions in south west Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

It’s a similar picture for Tuesday with temperatures coming down further in the south east as the cold front moves down.

Thunderstorms could erupt in the south east on Tuesday, with conditions still humid. Wednesday will see the lowest drop in temperatures and could even see a morning frost in some areas.

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Ms Bokota added: “Everywhere will feel cooler and fresher as we go into Wednesday. Temperatures for Wednesday in the south east will be about 20C, and 19C as far north as Lincolnshire. Scotland and the north of England will see high teens.

“Wednesday morning in Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England could see grass frost. This will be in rural isolated areas on higher ground such as the Pennines. It will be low to mid-single figures, 3C in places and maybe lower in the higher ground.

“While Wednesday will be cooler than normal, Thursday will be turning milder again. It will feel cooler than it has but it will be quite close to average.”

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