Student forced to eat s**t by bullies as people want them ‘severely punished’

Cops in China have launched an investigation into school bullies who made a fellow student eat human faeces.

Police in the province of Fujian are reported to have identified the bullies who organised the revolting stunt, which was filmed and then widely shared on Weibo.

The nasty bunch of students from Longyan Qiaoyu Middle School in the city of Longyan forced the male student to eat the s**t while being filmed in one of the bogs.

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The footage shows the boy squatting down and dipping his finger into the faeces in the toilet. He initially refuses to eat it because there are other students wandering around nearby, but when they have gone the bullies continue to force him to eat it.

The poor lad eventually gives in and eats it off his finger, but that’s not the end of the harassment. The student recording the video then forces him to eat some more, ordering him to “eat it all”.

The disgusting video went viral on Weibo, but it seems the horrible stunt has backfired on the bullies, who are being attacked online for their appalling behaviour.

The responses to the footage includes comments calling for the perpetrators to be “severely punished”, and people saying they “cannot be forgiven”. They’ve also been called “perverted”.

Another Weibo user issued a warning to the bullies’ parents, saying: “If parents don't discipline their children, their children could end up behind bars.”

A school official has confirmed the incident to The Beijing News. Other news reports said the cops had identified the bullies in the video, but they aren’t being named publicly because of their ages.

Meanwhile, the victim of the revolting prank has been receiving counselling.

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