Russias pranksters catches Giorgia Meloni out as she admits Ukraine fatigue

Italy’s leader Giorgia Meloni took a phone call with a pair of Russian pranksters and spoke at length about support in Europe for Ukraine and tackling migration.

The conversation was recorded and posted online by the infamous Russian duo Vovan and Lexus who have a history of tricking other world leaders.

Prime Minister Meloni spoke for 13 minutes with one of the imposters thinking they were the head of the African Union Commission.

Meloni’s team later released a statement expressing regret for the call which took place on September 18.

During the call Prime Minister Meloni spoke English with the pranksters about “fatigue” over the war in Ukraine.

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She said: “I see that there is a lot of fatigue, I have to say the truth, from all the sides. We [are] near the moment in which everybody understands that we need a way out.

“The problem is to find a way out which can be acceptable for both without destroying the international law.”

Ms Meloni also called out European leaders for a lack of support of Italy’s struggle with illegal immigration, saying: “They do all agree that only Italy has to solve this problem alone. It’s a very stupid way of thinking.”

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Ms Meloni has previously blamed France for the migrant crisis facing Europe.

She has been a vocal opponent of French President Emmanuel Macron and hit out at France’s policies in Africa while addressing supporters in an unearthed video from 2018.

In one instance, Ms Meloni told the rally: “Disgusting is France that continues to exploit Africa by printing money to 14 African countries, charging them mint fees, and by children labour in the mines and by extracting raw material, as is happening in Niger.

“Where Frances extracts 30 percent of the uranium it needs to run its nuclear reactors, while 90 percent of Niger’s population lives without electricity. Do not come to teach us lessons, Macron, the Africans are abandoning their continent because of you.”

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