Inside the random village of abandoned Disney-style castles

Disney fans will be delighted to hear there is an abandoned town that could surely double as the world-famous theme park only minus the crowds, rides and magic moments.

Sitting half-built near the Black Sea coast of Turkey is a huge ghost town made up of rows and rows of castles that bear a striking resemblance to Sleeping Beauty’s fairytale castle.

The original owners Burj Al Babas hoped the 587 European-inspired castles would attract wealthy foreign investors.

Building on the site got underway in 2018 but within four years the developers were forced into bankruptcy leaving the gothic-roofed palaces standing empty.

The development was confronted with opposition from locals who took offence to the design of the castles which contrasted greatly with the architectural style in the region.

Turkey’s economy in the period also took a downturn, piling more financial woes on the developers.

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Adding to the developers’ problems, an environmental lawsuit was taken against them on the grounds the construction had damaged trees.

Eventually stuck with £24million debt, the project’s backers pulled out investment.

Up until the coronavirus pandemic, the hope of reviving the project continued, though at present Burj Al Babas remains abandoned.

Construction materials still litter the streets of the development adding to Burj Al Babas’s post-apocalyptic feel.

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The villas themselves boast fancy buttresses and arches though remain unlivable having not been completed.

Despite never being finished, Burj Al Babas continues to attract curiosity with the spooky site experiencing plenty of visitors.

For now, this interest has not translated into a bid to reignite the original developer’s grand idea, meaning no fairytale ending for the Disney-esque scheme.

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