Buzzing bull cant contain excitement as hes sent on his sh*gging holidays

A bull’s cheeky look back after he was dropped off for a “sh*gging holiday” has left the internet in stitches.

A video by TikTok farmer GavieBoy2 was posted last year and showed an enormous bull locked in a trailer. The video came with the caption “big man’s going sh*gging” and that he was, with Gavie dropping the stud off for a bonk-fest with an entire herd of heifers.

Initially, the big bull doesn’t realise it’s his lucky day and even seems a little deflated about his ride in the trailer. “Are you going to get your hose on?” Gavie asks. “Are you going on your sh*gging holidays?”

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The video has been reposted on X, despite first appearing on TikTok in April last year, and shows Gavie opening the gate allowing the bull to walk out. He plods down the ramp and onto the grass – and initially he seems unimpressed.

He then looks around, checking his surroundings and then suddenly, from there, he sees it – the herd. The bull is astonished and looks back a Gavie in the way a child reacts when they open a present to find the top of their wish list inside.

Eyes wide and salivating he pegs it off towards the herd, Gavie is Cupid and his work here is done. People have been loving it online.

“That wee look then…” one person said. “I love how the farmer is just as excited as the big man is,” another added.

Another person added: “The wee run the big man does all excited hahahahah,” while a fourth chipped in saying: “Buckled at the end there”.

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