Plane footage leaves freaked viewers scrambling for answers as it ‘doesn’t move’

A TikTok video of a plane appearing not to move while in mid-air has left flummoxed viewers scrambling for answers.

In the footage, which was posted to the social media platform by a woman using the @.kadisha account, appears to show a plane suspended in the air relatively close to the ground in Florida, US.

The clip, which has been captioned with "This plane never even moved. Strangest thing I've ever seen" and has amassed more than 25million views, was taken from inside a moving car. The passengers' confusion is clear, with one woman in the car saying "that is frickin weird", while the other woman asks if it is real or not.

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The first women reiterates that the plane is real, to which the second woman replies, "but it's barely moving".

As the pair drive closer to the plane, their disbelief grows. "WTF?", exclaims the first woman while the second woman asks "how does that happen?".

As the car passes the plane the first woman laughs incredulity, saying "Oh my God".

The bizarre footage has left viewers equally stunned, with many questioning if the plane is real or not.

Warning: This video contains explicit language

One viewer commented: "I’m going to assume it’s a massive kite held together by 2 or 4 strings."

This theory was shot down by another viewer who pointed out that if there was no wind, the kite wouldn't fly, and if there was wind, the kite would move about in the sky and not remain completely still. They added: "Even a balloon would move with wind."

Many users claimed the sight was an example of the parallax effect, which is an optical illusion created by the perspective of the viewer which can make a moving object appear stationary.

However, one viewer blew this theory out of the water, writing: "For everyone saying parallax effect explain the pole below it and how the plain did not move past it or even the building below it, just curious."

Another viewer had another theory and wrote: "I lived by the airport and planes always do this when the runway is not yet available for landing. they hover waiting for the runway to open…"

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