‘Influencer’ lured businessman in for sex before gang’s Russian roulette torture

An online influencer who agreed to meet up with a wealthy businessman for a sex session has been jailed for 23 years after he was tortured and robbed by her gang.

Abel Landim was subjected to a terrifying game of Russian roulette as Roani da Silva Sampaio's boyfriend held a loaded revolver to his head.

Sampaio, 19, had agreed to meet Landim for sex at his luxury apartment in Brazil. But while she kept him steamily occupied in the shower, her boyfriend Francisco Moises Sousa Batista Jr – the son of a cop – and two of his mates broke into the apartment, which is in the city of Teresina.

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Batista beat Landim with zip ties and then gave him a vicious beating. He held the revolver, which was loaded with two bullets, to terrify the businessman into revealing where his valuables were stashed. The 3rd Criminal Court of Teresina was told that Landim cracked during the horrifying game of Russian roulette.

The merciless gang stole cash, cameras and other valuables in the shocking crime, and they also plundered Landim's bank accounts after he was forced to hand over his passwords and Pins during the attack.

CCTV footage played to the court showed the gang kicking down the apartment door as they burst in, armed with a .38 revolver and an automatic pistol.

But what the villains didn’t know was that while they were ransacking the place, Landim had managed to call the cops, and they turned up to nick Sampaio and Batista on the spot.

Prosecutors revealed that Sampaio had planned the raid by tipping off her boyfriend about the time of the sex session and opening the security gates for him to get in.

Sampaio was sent down for 23 years and four months. Batista and accomplices Jean Carlos and Thiago Ruan Martins de Sousa were tried separately, and they were all banged up for 20 years.

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