Israel close to full-scale war with Hezbollah following bombardment of Lebanon

Tensions between Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah movement have escalated as the two groups move towards a full-scale war.

According to Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, Hezbollah has launched a barrage of over 1,000 different types of ammunition, including rockets, missiles, drones, and mortars, towards Israel since October 8.

Conricus expressed concerns about a full-scale war, but maintained that the IDF is preparing to eliminate the threat through military means.

He said: “Hezbollah, who as everybody knows is a proxy of Iran, is dangerously dragging Lebanon into an unnecessary war that could have potentially devastating consequences for the state of Lebanon and for the people of Lebanon. And it is a war that I think neither Lebanon nor Israel deserves to be fighting.”

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant emphasised that if diplomatic efforts fail to restore security, military action will be taken without hesitation. He said: “If restoring security in the area cannot be implemented diplomatically, then we will not hesitate to act.”

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Hezbollah, which has claimed responsibility for strikes in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza, targeted two Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries in northern Israel during the latest attacks. The IDF responded with artillery and fighter jet strikes against Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon.

Conricus addressed the escalating situation: “We are closer today to war than we were yesterday. And the directive to the IDF is, of course, to enhance readiness to prepare and to be capable of defending Israeli civilians.”

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Amir Saeid Iravani asserted that Israel’s military endeavors rely heavily on unequivocal US support.

He urged the US to reconsider its backing of Israel, raising alarm bells at the cost of war: “As the Gaza conflict persists, the associated cost of this support for the United States is exponentially escalating.”

Hezbollah officials have issued warnings to the US, with Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah indicating that US forces in the region would be targeted if they intervened.

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Member of Lebanon’s parliament Ibrahim al-Moussawi acknowledged increased US military presence but suggested a decline in Western influence: “We are facing deep and major transformations, the mask has fallen from Western regimes.”

Amid the escalating situation, over 80,000 civilians have been evacuated from northern Israel, and more than 64,000 people have been displaced from southern Lebanon. The IDF accuses Hezbollah of attacking near positions held by the Lebanese Armed Forces and UN Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

UNIFIL spokesperson Andrea Tenenti expressed deep concern about the escalating violence along the Blue Line boundary. He emphasised the importance of halting the exchange of fire to prevent miscalculations that could lead to a wider conflict.

Speaking during a White House press call on Monday, National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby stated that the US is closely monitoring the situation and engaging in active discussions with Israeli counterparts.

The US aims to prevent a full-on conflict between Hezbollah and Israel and discourages the widening of the conflict on the northern front. Kirby said: “We don’t want to see a full-on conflict between Hezbollah and Israel.”

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