Europe’s noisy village so unbearable there’s a ban on how many pets you can have

Residents of a small French commune have grown so fed up with “noise pollution” caused by unruly pets that their mayor has resolved to limit the number of animals a household can hold. 

The mayor of Embermenil, a small village in Meurthe-et-Moselle, northeastern France, has sought to crack down on barking dogs and crowing roosters, apparently a common pet in the area.

Mayor Angeline Lamy took this unconventional step after fielding numerous complaints from residents about the incessant racket generated by their fellow villagers’ pets. 

Determined to bring tranquillity back to her town, she issued a letter to residents last week, outlining the new regulations. 

Effective immediately, households are prohibited from having more than one guinea fowl, a rooster, and two dogs. Violators could face fines of up to £59 (68 euros), and even criminal sanctions could be imposed.

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“The unwanted noise must stop,” declared Mayor Lamy, defending her decision. “I receive complaints day and night! 

“These disturbances have become a significant neighborhood problem, and residents are not communicating effectively to resolve them. So, I decided to take action.”

Despite her intentions, the animal limit has garnered criticism from some residents who perceive it as an infringement on their freedom to own pets. 

A council worker explained: “More and more often, we see former city residents moving here who are not accustomed to rural constraints. In the countryside, there are tractors, and roosters crow. That’s just part of rural life.”

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In response, Mayor Lamy maintained that everyone has the right to seek peace and tranquillity in their homes. 

The final decision on the matter will be determined during the upcoming municipal council meeting, where the fate of Embermenil’s pet population hangs in the balance.

Earlier this year, a court in Carcassonne recently ruled in favour of a rooster named Saturnin, much to the relief of its owners, Charlotte and Mathieu. 

A disgruntled neighbour had taken legal action against the bird for noise pollution, demanding compensation of £4,347 (5,000 euros).

The court’s decision spared Saturnin from being removed or euthanized, a fate that the rooster’s owners and supporters were keen to avoid. 

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