Graphic moment Russian soldier is blown up in desolate, body-filled wasteland

A Russian soldier has been graphically obliterated after running through a desolate body-strewn Ukrainian wasteland.

The horrific footage was posted on Reddit, and was taken in the battered city of Avdiivka in Donetsk. It shows two Russian soldiers slowly walking through what can only be described as a barren wasteland, with bodies seen everywhere.

One soldiers seemingly stops to help a fallen comrade, but quickly leaves him and carries on walking. The pair stop by a bombed-out tree, for a quick rest.

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But within seconds, a missile hits them . . . but one miraculously survives.

The other appears to have been killed instantly, and his fellow soldier used his own jacket to cover the body before running off to seek shelter from somewhere else – although considering the landscape of the area around him, it remains to be seen where that ended up being.

He was heard screaming “Save me, mother” as he ran away, with what looks like some kind of injury to his legs.

The video was shot and released by Ukraine's 47th Mechanized Brigade, also known as the Magura, later being posted onto Reddit's Russia-Ukraine War forum, where many speculated that the pair were sent to scout the area to check if it was safe for other soldiers to pass through.

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They were formed in 2022, specifically to fight in the war against Vladimir Putin's invading Russian army, and are led by Colonel Oleksandr Pavlii. They have spent most of their time fighting in the Battle of Avdiivka, which is seen as the gateway to Russian-occupied Donetsk.

According to Pravda news, Pavlii had been the commander of the 112th Separate Brigade of the Territorial Defence Forces of the city of Kyiv since 2022, but was transferred to this new brigade earlier this year.

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