Devastating moment Ukrainian bomb obliterates Russian forces in huge explosion

Shocking video shows the moment Ukraine uses an American-made JDAM-ER bomb against Russian troops.

The clip, which appears to be located in a forest plantation in the Piatykhatky area of Zaporizhzhia Oblast in Ukraine, shows a sudden flash before a fireball erupts.

A slow-motion video shows thermal images of Russian troops in the treeline before they are wiped out by the bomb.

The JDAM-ER is an American-made high-precision glide bomb able to hit targets 45 miles away.

Joint Direct Attack Munition kits “can transform unguided free-fall bombs into all-weather, precision-guided smart weapons”, Airforce Technology says.

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Ukrainian fired American JDAM-ER bomb against Russian positions in a forest plantation in the Piatykhatky area
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Back in July, military website The War Zone confirmed that some of Ukraine’s MiG-29 fleet has been modified to carry winged JDAM-ER GPS-guided glide bombs.

A photo shows the winged smart bombs installed on Fulcrum fighter jets on the ground, one commemorating Ukraine Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi’s birthday.

However, the first airstrikes using the winged bombs reportedly began in early March

It comes as Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence said they were “many steps closer to regaining Crimea”.

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Speaking on Tuesday, the Main Intelligence Directorate said: “Russia has been deprived of the ability to fully control the waters of the Black Sea, and this makes Ukraine many steps closer to regaining Crimea.”

The comments came after Ukrainian troops regained control of several gas and oil offshore drilling platforms close to Crimea.

In a statement on the Telegram messaging app on Monday, Ukraine’s military intelligence said Kyiv had retaken the drilling platforms known as the “Boyko Towers” in a “unique operation”.

They added the platforms had been occupied since 2015 by Russia, which seized and annexed Crimea in 2014.

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Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un arrived in Russia for a face-to-face with Vladimir Putin.

The North Korean leader is in Vladivostok, and is poised to meet Moscow’s autocratic leader after the Eastern Economic Forum on Wednesday.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said that the duo will discuss bilateral cooperation including trade and economic ties.

They will also have an “intensive exchange of opinions on the situation in the region”, Peskov added.

“Naturally, being neighbors, our countries cooperate in certain sensitive spheres which should not be publicly revealed or announced,” he said according to TASS.

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