German doctors may be giving life-saving treatment to Putin warlord Kadyrov

Ramzan Kadyrov rages over US sanctions against his mother

Suspicions are mounting that German doctors are secretly assisting ailing Vladimir Putin warlord Ramzan Kadyrov with life-saving treatment.

The brutal head of Chechnya – who has supplied tens of thousands of troops for Russia’s war in Ukraine – is believed to be in the Kremlin Clinic under heavily armed guard by his own security retinue, according to a report by East2West News.

The 46-year-old is thought to be receiving treatment for an acute kidney ailment which has seen his appearance dramatically change in recent months as he became bloated and slow-moving.

Now attention is focusing on a Lear Jet ‘German air ambulance’ which – despite Western sanctions and the strained relations with NATO over a war in which Kadyrov is a major cheerleader – has reportedly made several trips to Moscow in recent days.

Last week, Kadyrov admitted being in the hospital but claimed he was visiting an uncle there.

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However, there are strong suspicions the warlord – branded a ‘war criminal’ by Ukraine – is actually a patient there.

Telegram channel VChK-OGPU said it was unlikely Kadyrov could be taken to Germany for treatment due to the war.

But it is being speculated that surgeons and/or a kidney for transplant could have been brought to Moscow from Germany, a NATO country.

The “air ambulance” – registered as D-CFAZ with a number IFA1293 – was in Moscow having flown from Vienna on September 18. Kadyrov was also believed to be in Moscow on this day.

The Lear jet had turned off its transponder as it approached Russia, according to the Telegram channel.

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It remained at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport for around an hour before flying over NATO airspace above Latvia to Nuremberg.

On September 20, the plane returned to the Russian capital – evidently bringing someone from Nuremberg, according to reports.

The Telegram channel said, linking the plane’s arrivals to Kadyrov: “In this German city there are several clinics of world importance, staffed by doctors specialising in organ transplantation.”

He was filmed at the Kremlin Clinic – officially the Moscow Central Clinical Hospital – with his uncle.

A bizarre meeting between the Chechen leader and emergencies minister Alexander Kurenkov was made to look like the minister’s office but was reportedly filmed in the hospital.

Kadyrov’s Airbus ACJ319 with tail number RA-73417 remained in Moscow for five consecutive days but returned to Chechnya today.

He had barely been seen in recent weeks – and then only in heavily stage-managed footage.

There had been rumours he was in a coma or even dead but last week he recorded an “I am alive” video with his uncle in the Kremlin Clinic.

He is a father of at least 14 children and reportedly believes his ill-health was due to poisoning.

The warlord blames his former doctor and Chechnya’s ex-health minister Elkhan Suleymanov, 49.

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