Dog with ‘world’s longest nose’ goes viral as pooch shows off huge 12-inch snout

An adorable pooch with the “world’s longest nose” has gone viral on social media as fans can't get enough of her adorable antics in Canada.

Lapsha the Canadian Borzoi has grown a huge fan base, and they adore her estimated 12-inch snout. And there is no short supply of cuteness, as her owners document her life.

Or as they put it, Lapsha’s “daily struggles” which come with the big sniffer. The prized pooch has nearly 110K followers on Instagram.

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While she does not officially hold the world-breaking title, her family believe she could. Dubbing her massive muzzle a “'snootapede”.

But while she is adorable, her owners say she does suffer real nose control concerns. Borzois are known for their impressively long faces but Lapsha’s excessively long nose means she is often clumsy and leaves a mess wherever she goes.

According to Mail Online, Borzois translates to 'fast' in Russian, where they are also known as wolfhounds. The current world record holder, Eris, measures is recorded at four feet nine inches from nose to tail – her snoot alone measures a foot long.

Although the pair haven’t yet met another Borzoi in person, there is still time. And as she continues to grow, Lapsha’s owners hope she will one day hold the world record.

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In a social post, they said: “'When comfortable, the snootapede starts to droop and the snoot reaches maximum droop. This is called true form.

“This is often immeasurable, like trying to measure a shifting mountain range. Most people only view causal form in snootapedes as it is the typical shape they take when out and about.”

Another post read: “Snoot resting. It’s important to rest the snoot on a comfortable surface such as, but not limited to: pillows, blankets, beds, people and couches. Here we see the snoot resting peacefully against a most favourable surface, the couch. Snoot resting can be as short as minute to as long as several hours.”

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