The worlds crocodile capital where 450 people have been devoured

Hundreds of people across the Republic of Indonesia have been killed by huge crocodiles in the last decade, as officials struggle to resolve the grave situation.

The violent, big-toothed reptiles have eaten hundreds of people, including children. Hundreds more have also been attacked but survived.

The saltwater crocs have a bite force of 3,700 pounds per square inch and can easily tear-off limbs, reported The Mirror.

Last year, a teenage boy was beheaded and torn apart while he was fishing with his pals.

Farjan Idham’s body was recovered days later. The crocs patrolled the boy’s corpse, blocking rescuers from retrieving it.

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In another incident, an eight-year-old boy’s body was cut out of one 26ft-long beast’s stomach after the animal swallowed the child whole in front of his dad.

Dimas Saputra was dragged into murky water as his dad frantically swam after the huge reptile, said reports.

While Devi Binti Sulaiman, 17, was mauled while she was cooling-off with friends near the Sebamban River in South Kalimantan.

The croc – which had no teeth – swallowed the girl whole with its massive jaws.

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Locals have been urged to bathe and wash their clothes in clear, shallow waters to avoid an attack.

Despite the number of attacks, authorities in Indonesia can’t legally cull the beasts as they are protected.

The laws reportedly don’t stop furious locals from slaughtering the animals in revenge for killing their family and friends. Something which is happening frequently.

In 2018, a crocodile killed one man so his village slaughtered 300 of the predators.

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One croc, nicknamed “The Demon” due to its size (14ft and weighing 2,000 lbs), was beheaded after terrorising locals for half a century.

Male saltwater crocs can weigh up to 2,000lbs. They are the biggest reptiles in the world, have nearly 70 razor sharp teeth and can live up to 70 years.

They can reach speeds of up to 6mph in the water and some have been documented reaching speeds of 12mph on land.

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