Dog dubbed Cheeto rescued days after getting stuck in cheeseball container

A dog has been nicknamed Cheeto after he was found wandering the streets with a large cheese ball container on his head.

The poor pooch had been wearing the plastic container for at least three days.

It left him unable to eat and drink – and made the dog look like an astronaut.

A concerned resident spotted the animal and brought him to Last Stop Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

Tom and Sue Walsh have been running the shelter – set on a 12-acre farm in Carleton, Michigan, US – for eight years.

The couple cut the container from Cheeto’s head before caring for him.

Tom said: “This pup’s been out on the run – we don’t know how long – but we know he’s had the jug on his head for three days.He was probably right down to the wire.”

He added: “We both grew up in the country around animals, and it just comes naturally that you want to see them treated right.”

The pooch was not microchipped, but Tom and Sue still hope to track down his owner.

They are asking for the public’s help.

Cheeto is underweight and appears to be between 18 months and two years old.

He is also malnourished with fleas, probably has worms and has likely been exposed to carbon monoxide, according to the sanctuary.

Tom and Sue added that Cheeto is probably a mix of a German shepherd and a Great Pyrenees.

A fundraiser is being held for the shelter at Sneaky’s Sports Bar & Grill in Woodhaven on October 24.

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Writing on social media, local resident Eileen said: “So glad he was restrained and that plastic container was removed. You guys are the greatest.”

She added: “Thank you for saving his life.”

Another local said: “Thank you to all who were involved to save this precious baby. You’re all truly angels.”

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