WWEs Hulk Hogan struggles to brush teeth from pain as he shares biggest regret

WWE's Hulk Hogan has admitted he struggles to even brush his teeth after undergoing countless surgeries to fix his many wrestling injuries.

The two-time Hall of Famer sat down with Insight podcast host Chris Van Vliet for a new episode where he was quizzed on his career highs and lows and what life looks like beyond the ring. While Hogan retired from wrestling more than 10 years ago, he confessed his pain is still a daily problem after going under the knife on multiple occasions.

"I can't push a glass door open. Even in the gym it's short strokes, I can't straighten my arms out. And it's the same with my knees and my hips, my back, my neck," he said.

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"It's hard to explain but when I brush my teeth and I lean on the counter to brush my teeth, I can't push away. So when I'm done brushing my teeth I have to lean in and then pull back."

The sportsman also confessed a final WWE match with John Cena had been in the works, but in the weeks leading up to it he had suffered a back injury that required immediate medical attention. "I'd just had back surgery number three or four at that time and I had to go right in immediately to get cut on. So that was it for that," he said.

"I would have loved to have had that last match, but now it’s completely out of the picture. I’m just too beat up from the surgeries and stuff."

Hogan didn't quit the ring just then, however – he signed a contract with TNA and appeared in several matches with groups of other wrestlers. But speaking with Van Vliet, he recalled how he had attended some events with neck or back braces.

"I wasn’t really good to go after that. I had been cut on so much and so often that it had compromised the structure of my spine."

Hogan missing out on that last epic match may have come as a disappointment to WWE fans. But the wrestler's biggest regret was something else entirely.

Asked if there was anything in his career he would change, Hogan said: "I know the leg drop doesn’t look like a tough move, but what most people don’t realise is I started wrestling in '77 and at the end of the day, the equipment wasn’t what it was [now].

"So all those years dropping the leg in those rings with the board sticking up, or laying on my tailbone, I would have changed that and I would have never dropped the leg.

The running leg drop was Hogan's signature finisher move throughout much of his career and involved bouncing off the side of the ring, running up to his opponent who would be lying in the middle of the ring, jumping and landing with his leg smashed into their body. He blames the move for many of the injuries that plague him today.

"I should have used the sleeper. I should have stolen the sleeper and done that," he added.

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