Desperate Italy PM turns to Rishi Sunak to help fight EU on illegal migration

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, facing an overwhelming challenge in the form of the European Union’s escalating illegal migration crisis, was left with no choice but to seek urgent assistance from UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The unexpected collaboration unfolded dramatically at the European Political Community (EPC) summit in Granada, where approximately 50 European leaders convened to address pressing issues.

Meloni, having fought tooth and nail to secure a migration pact favouring Rome within EU member states, was dismayed to discover that migration was absent from the summit’s official agenda, despite its mounting urgency.

With desperation setting in, Meloni reached out to Sunak, acknowledging the dire need for external support.

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In a high-stakes move, the Italian and British Prime Ministers jointly chaired a session at the EPC summit, underlining the desperate urgency to strengthen European efforts in combating illegal migration.

During the meeting, an eight-point plan was hastily devised, outlining strategies to combat migrant smuggling, enhance border protection, and intensify cooperation on visa policies.

In a joint article published in The Times, Sunak and Meloni called on other nations to join their desperate attempt to confront the “moral crisis” inflicted by criminal gangs exploiting vulnerable people.

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Meloni stressed the critical need to halt the relentless flow of illegal migrants to restore faith among the Italian people, not just in domestic borders but also in European and international collaboration.

They wrote: “Only by stopping the flow of illegal migrants can we restore the trust of the British and Italian people, not just in our domestic borders, but in European and international co-operation.

“Only by stopping the flow can we protect our two countries’ historic role as places of asylum and sanctuary. How can we take care of those who really need our help, when our resources are so overstretched?”

They added they are “open to discussing agreements aimed at stopping people departing in the first place” as part of their work with other countries.

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