Incestuous dad and daughters horror house where dead babies found in basement

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    A sicko father and daughter in a "consensual relationship" were arrested after the remains of their three newborn babies were found in the basement of their horror family home.

    Social workers were tipped off by locals in Czerniki, a village in northern Poland, who had become increasingly concerned about the pair, before the tiny bodies were discovered in the cellar.

    The daughter, named only as Paulina G, 20, worshipped her 54-year-old father, named as Piotr G, her friends told local media.

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    Suspicion mounted when locals at the shop Paulina worked in saw she was hiding one of her pregnancies but no baby ever appeared, according to local media.

    Then it emerged that Paulina was reportedly stuffing tissues down her bra to soak up leaking breast milk. Eyebrows were raised when the father and daughter walked hand in hand around town and she began calling him 'Piotr' instead of 'dad'.

    Jealous Piotr G even shaved his daughter's head, apparently to make her less attractive to other men. Both Paulina G and Piotr G have been charged with murder and incest, prosecutor Mariusz Duszynski from the Gdansk District Prosecutor's Office said.

    Prosecutor Mariusz Duszynski told PAP on Saturday that before 11 am the police discovered the body of a third new-born child in the basement.

    "The bodies were taken to the Department of Forensic Medicine in Gdansk for autopsy examinations,” he said.

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    “Since the morning, police officers have been on the site. Two people have been detained in this case – a man and his daughter. In addition to investigations on the scene, in parallel the prosecutor is interrogating a woman who was charged with murder.

    "For now, we are not providing further information about this because the interrogation is ongoing."

    Local media reported that Piotr G is also facing further incest charges for allegedly raping Paulina's sister, who has not been named. Police and prosecutors are waiting for the results of autopsies on the three infants' remains.

    The investigation is ongoing.

    If you or somebody you know has been affected by this story, contact Victim Support for free, confidential advice on 08 08 16 89 111 or visit their website,

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