Here's What Tesla Cybertruck Accessories Could Be Coming Soon

Two Tesla Cybertruck prototypes were spotted while charging in Mexico, revealing what could be a set of official accessories undergoing testing before the truck’s imminent commercial launch sometime later this year.

We already reported on the pair yesterday, saying that there was an apparent Starlink satellite internet dish on one of the vehicles, but now we have new pictures courtesy of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum user KuMX, who got close enough to the EVs to make out what add-ons they were sporting.

Starting with the roof, each of the pickups has a so-called Flat High Performance dish from Starlink, which is designed to be permanently mounted to a moving vehicle and provides broadband internet access at speeds of up to 220 Mbps thanks to SpaceX’s network of low-orbiting satellites. For those among you who don’t know, SpaceX is another one of Elon Musk’s endeavors, next to Tesla and X (formerly Twitter).

One of the trucks is wearing a green graffiti-like decal on its side depicting the original Cybertruck logo revealed when the pickup first took to the stage during its reveal in 2019, while the other one has the same decal but orange. The latter also has more accessories.

There’s a slim lightbar above the windshield, a pair of roof bars is used to secure a set of recovery tracks, and the truck bed has a metal spare wheel carrier with “RC” etched into one of the corners. Although it’s the same designation as the vehicles themselves (release candidate), the tire carrier is actually an aftermarket accessory made and sold by Rough Country, a Tennessee-based company.

A blue container that could be either an air tank or a carbon dioxide tank is also present in the back, hinting at the idea that the Cybertruck might not have a separate air compressor to handle tire inflations (besides the air suspension compressor) like the Rivian R1S and R1T have. This isn’t confirmed, however. Furthermore, there are several anchor points on display on both sides of the bed for securing cargo.

This isn’t the first time pre-production Cybertrucks were seen out in the open with bolt-on accessories. Back in May, Elon Musk made his way to the groundbreaking ceremony for Tesla’s lithium refinery in Texas in an electric pickup fitted with a roof-mounted tool rack that seemed to double as a roof rack.

Source: Cybertruck Owners Club

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