Backing dancers leave singer who had oral sex on stage and slam ‘dirty girl’

A controversial singer whose racy antics included allowing a fan to perform oral sex on her live on stage has been deserted by her backing dancers.

The Brazillian funk star, known as MC Pipokinha, whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, has seen two dancers leave her team according to posts on social media.

The star is a magnet for controversy, with antics including filming cats sucking on her nipples and flashing the pilot in the cockpit of the plane.

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Now, two backing dancers, identified as Jonas Kaik and Wesley Ferreira, have reportedly left their roles according to publication UOL.

They announced the departure from MC Pipokinha in a joint statement on Instagram.

A translated version of a post stated: "It is with immense peace that we come to announce our departure from the MC Pipokinha team.

“We know that many of you go to the shows to honour us and out of respect for you we came to give you this satisfaction.

“Thank you for all the love and affection that was given to us this season."

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A second video followed the initial statement several hours later.

It read: “I wanted to make it clear to you that there is no ingratitude on our part.

“Quite the contrary, we are completely grateful for the space that she and her company gave so that we could have represented our work and our art.

"No one knows what goes on behind the scenes."

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It included a clip of the singer, allegedly stating: "'If you want to sulk, stay. Swallow dry'".

In the aftermath, one of the dancers stated that they would not release any information about the allegations.

The pair of dancers then added: "We weren't going to expose anything, we already had a date set, which was to leave on the 3rd, we were going to fulfil the agenda, but she herself forced a situation that I didn't think was cool."

The dancers accuse the singer of treating her employees negatively and keeping herself at a distance from them.

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Jonas described the singer as a "hypocrite” and “ignorant” and states she “fucked up”.

The pair also made accusations in the Instagram stories features. Wesley wrote: "The tip for you is: don't accept being treated in any way.

"Nobody deserves to be treated in any way, regardless of the situation and who the person is, be it your friend, boss, aunt or mother. education are the basis of everything".

"One more to comment and tell you the experience. Maybe with so many people showing themselves, you'll stop thinking it's marketing to grow on top of this dirty girl", he wrote in another story.

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