Amanda Knox still fighting to clear name over Meredith Kercher murder

American Amanda Knox was found wrongly convicted of killing her roommate and has now claimed she is still fighting to clear her name – even though the real killer has now been set free.

Knox, 36, and then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito served four years after being found guilty of killing of British student Meredith Kercher, 21, in Perugia, Umbria, Italy back in 2007. Ms Kercher had been studying there as part of her University of Leeds degree when she was slain by 36-year-old Rudy Guede around two months into the placement.

Knox’s conviction for slandering a Guede, whom she accused of the murder, was not dismissed at the time she and Sollecito’s other convictions were quashed. Yesterday evening (March 19), she took to X, formerly Twitter, to express her frustration about the situation.

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She wrote: “16 years after my arrest, I'm still on trial in Italy, still fighting to clear my name. Meanwhile, the man who murdered my roommate is free from prison, still accusing me, and still, it seems, harming young women. Are we living in a simulation?”

Guede was discharged from his sentence in June of this year after he was let out on parole in 2021. This month it emerged he has been charged for assaulting his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend.

Knox, meanwhile, is set to enter a new trial after her slander conviction was overturned by Italy’s highest court, with a new new date in Florence scheduled. Following the overturning, she wrote on X: “Though I was exonerated for murder, I remained wrongly convicted of slander”.

She has spoken out about the upcoming retrial, saying: “What I'll say here is that I'm both trepidatious and excited about the chance to finally clear my name once and for all. I am not afraid to travel back to Italy and take the stand in my defence.

“I was so unprepared to do so as a 20-year-old. All these years later, I finally am. And I want my daughter and my son to see what standing up for the truth and for your principles looks like.

She added: “We spend a lot of time digging into the coercive interrogation that led to my arrest, and to the slander charges I'm still on trial for. In particular, we go over the hand-written statement I gave the police after they released me from the pressure cooker of the interrogation.

“Reading back through that statement I wrote at 20 years old was….difficult. I have never been more fragile, more vulnerable, more gaslit and confused, and at the mercy of authority figures whom I had trusted to keep me safe, and who were in the process of destroying my life.”

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