Scotland to face XL Bully invasion after SNP refuses to join UK-wide ban

Scotland is set to be invaded by the controversial XL Bully breed of dog in just a few weeks time.

Earlier this year, the UK's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that a ban on the breed would come into force on December 31 after a series of attacks – some of them deadly – had been carried out by the out-of-control beasts. In a video statement posted to Twitter/X in September, Sunak described the breed as "a danger to our communities, particularly our children".

"I share the nation’s horror at the recent videos we’ve all seen. It is clear this is not about a handful of badly trained dogs, it’s a pattern of behaviour and it cannot go on. While owners already have a responsibility to keep their dogs under control, I want to reassure people that we are urgently working on ways to stop these attacks and protect the public.”

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However, with just 28 days to go until the ban comes into force, it has now been confirmed that Scotland will not be joining the rest of the UK with the ban, leading to many to suggest that the country will be set for an influx of the breed.

Siobhian Brown, the Scottish National Party's community safety minister confirmed earlier in the week that the rules around the dogs in Scotland would remain as it currently is – with “dog control notices” being issued if problems occur.

And she slammed PM Sunak for the “premature” ban, because it was “not relevant” in Scotland. But many have reacted in horror over the decision.

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One Scottish local who claims to have come “face to face” with an angry XL Bully, said she was “shocked”.

Jackie Mahoney explained, when talking to BBC Scotland: “I was absolutely shocked at the level of incidents and we've had deaths – I respect the rights of Scotland to make its own decisions, but my viewpoint is this is a necessary and proportionate response. We reached a tipping point with this particular breed.

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"So there needs to be intervention with any type of legislation then that it's there for that purpose that you reach a tipping point. It's necessary and proportionate right now, to use this piece of legislation. I was absolutely shocked at the level of incidents and we've had deaths.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: "Any ban on XL bullies in Scotland must be evidence based. As part of our considerations on this issue, the victims and community safety minister is engaging directly with relevant partners, including the SSPCA, Police Scotland and the National Dog Warden Association."

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