German Chancellor ‘not doing well’ and cancels events

Olaf Scholz has cancelled all events after an “accident” and is “not doing well”.

Michael Roth, a German SDP politician, said: “The Chancellor had a sports accident on Saturday, he’s not doing so well, and unfortunately, all events have to be cancelled, including his visit to Heringen.”

Scholz fell while jogging and suffered bruises on his face, a spokeswoman for the federal government said on Saturday.

The German Chancellor was expected in Heringen, Hesse, on Sunday where a state election is being held in a month.

However, a spokesperson assured that no further engagements would be affected by the injury.


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According to local media, the spokeswoman said: “Chancellor Olaf Scholz unfortunately has to cancel his appointments in Hesse this Sunday after a small sports accident.

“While jogging, he fell and contracted bruises on his face. His appointments in the coming week are not affected by this.”

According to German publication Bild, “the bruises look anything but photogenic” which prompted the 65-year-old Chancellor to cancel his appearances.

The appearance in the central Hesse region was set to mark the important start of the election campaign where he was due to answer questions in the Heringer Martin Luther House, Heringen, on Sunday.

According to Frankfurter Rundschau, around 130 guests had registered to discuss with the Federal Chancellor.

The visit was also set to honour the 25th anniversary of his party colleague Michael Roth.

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