Experienced off-roading in a Jimny at an event organised by Maruti

The steep down slope where the HDC was put to good use while the car was in 4L 1st.

BHPian Samba recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Maruti organised an off-road event in Kolkata to showcase the capabilities of their Jimny.

This was a very well-organised event, where safety was given the first priority. The good thing was that, anyone with a valid driving license, who wanted to experience the Jimny off-road could drive the car with a professional instructors from Maruti seating beside them.

The instructors

To drive the car, one had to register at the kiosk. Coffee mug and snacks were given to all the participants.

The track was a mixture of some easy, tricky & technical obstacles where the car’s electronics like BLD, Hill-hold assist, traction control and of course the 4wd was put to good use.

With an experienced offroader, many of the obstacles were possible in the 2wd mode with the traction control off. The BLD in the Jimny works like a charm.

Few pics from the track:

The chicken holes:

The axle twisters. This was also possible in 2wd & TC off. The BLD worked superbly.

The side incline:

The steep down slope where the HDC was put to good use while the car was in 4L 1st.

This uphill was doable in 4H 1st with TC off.

Side-angle drop. The right turn was tricky, this needed a proper judgement from the driver.

Trench crossover. This required proper throttle modulation.

 Here is a video of the track drive with Bhpian Dog&Damsel12 behind the wheel.

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