My Scorpio-N D AT: 20000km update & learnings post a road trip

Wind noise is prominent post 110kph. Dents confidence at high speeds.

BHPian keeprevving recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have kept Zeus quite busy post 10000kms. The good thing about the 20000 km milestone is the fact that it was niggle free. This period saw a major 4135 km road trip along with the usual 50 km minimum of running.

With Dusshera approaching, wifey and I decided on a road trip. Initially, Varanasi was set as the destination. Later it was changed to Pelling and Lachung. Booked hotels and planned every stay. Meanwhile, Sikkim was affected by floods, especially Lachung (North Sikkim). So, the Sikkim trip got canceled. Final road trip plans were made to Maharastra (Sambhaji Nagar, Pune, Mahabaleshwar, Koyna Sanctuary) and Hyderabad.

So review post 20000kms (learning from the road trip):

The Good bits:

  • Superior ride quality over bad roads
  • Sense of security (build, suspension, ride height)
  • Extremely comfortable seats (no aches or tiredness)
  • Awesome fuel efficiency (lowest: 13kpl; highest: 17kpl)
  • No squeaks or rattles from any part
  • Apollo Apterra HT+ performed really well, no complains

The Bad Bits:

  • A pillar is quite wide. One needs to be careful
  • Wind noise is prominent post 110kph. Dents confidence at high speeds.
  • Mudflaps could be 2-4 inches longer

After the trip, the odometer stood at 20106 km. The console started hinting for service from 19800kms. It kept reminding me with a long beep and a display ‘Scheduled Service Due’, every time I started the car. For 20k service I chose Aditya Motors.

Issues raised during 20000kms service:

  • Rear wiper leaking
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Oil leakage
  • Auto Odo reset
  • Right dipper fix (set RH lower, LH higher)

All raised concerns were attended to. However, I need to check the rear wiper leak. During the 20K service, I found that the engine oil used by the Mahindra dealership was Shell Maximile Ultra. I had seen a few YouTube videos where Shell Maximile V4 Ultra (fully synthetic oil) was being used. It wasn’t available but V4 seems to be the better oil. XUV700 owner had commented that the driveability and NVH had improved by using V4 Ultra.

I raised my concern over an email with Mahindra Customer Care. At first, they said Maximile Ultra is recommended for ScorpioN. However, I received another call confirming that from now onwards the Mahindra dealerships will offer V4 Ultra as well. I thanked them for the quick response and also requested them to inform the dealership to ask customers which oil they want Ultra or V4 Ultra, as the latter costs more.

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