2 service updates and my first solo road trip with the 2021 Nexon

Our Nexon XM petrol returned a tankful-to-tankful fuel efficiency of approximately ~18.5 km/l in the sport mode.

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It seems I haven’t updated this thread for a while although some updates are certainly long due! So let me start updating it a bit.

January 2023 (2nd year full service):

Our Nexon was about to complete its 2 years of being with us since its delivery. So I took our Nexon for its annual full service in the first week of Jan 2023. Since its first free service, I have been taking our Nexon to Rudra Tata Motors Naihati, as this workshop is closer to our home. So far I am happy with the service experience received from this workshop.

Earlier it used to be a smaller workshop but it has now moved to a bigger warehouse with a much better customer lounge. Importantly, I have now developed a very good rapport with my service advisor there.

During this full service, apart from engine oil, oil filter and air/pollen filters, the spark plugs were also changed. The total bill came out to be Rs. 6028. Our Nexon has been running like a champ in the last two years. The odometer reading at the time of the service was 13568 km.

Solo Drive to Ranchi (March 2023):

Apart from the usual runs, I went for a solo road trip to Ranchi in March this year in our Nexon. This was the first solo drive experience for me. On the way to Ranchi, I encountered a major Nor’wester thunderstorm. Thankfully, I reached the destination without any harm.

After this 965 km round trip drive, our Nexon crossed the milestone of 15000 km in the odometer. Like our earlier highway drives, our Nexon XM petrol returned a tankful-to-tankful mileage of approximately ~18.5 km/l in the sport mode. Here are a few photos from my Ranchi drive.

MID was a bit over-optimistic about the mileage

July 2023 (6 monthly inspection service at 2.5 years):

After getting a few reminder calls from Rudra Tata Motors workshop regarding the 6-month inspection service, finally I took our Nexon to the workshop in the first week of July.

Our Nexon had been doing its job without any issues. So during the road test, I was asked by the service advisor whether I was facing any specific issue. I said there was none from my side. However, a little later I asked him whether I should get the wheel alignment/balancing done. Our Nexon hasn’t gone through any more wheel alignment/balancing checks after the first free service. Although, all five tyres have been regularly rotated.

After the road test, he assessed that the wheel alignment/balancing was not needed. Nevertheless, he got all tyres inspected for any uneven wear after the car was raised on the service lift. Again, he assessed that the tyres were in good shape.

During this conversion, he casually remarked in Bengali that would mean something like, “For Tata cars, it’s better not to try to fix something, if ain’t broken.”

The fluid levels were checked, battery water level was topped up a bit. The car was handed over to me after the wash. During this inspection service, the total bill came out to be just Rs. 885. The odometer reading at the time of this inspection service was 16,685 km.

Nexon on the car lift for an inspection

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