Youngest ever EuroMillions winner Jane Park goes topless and declares ‘I’m back’

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    A EuroMillions winner who made adult content on the side has announced she is "back" creating elicit content for members of the public.

    Offering her "lowest prices" to date, lotto winner Jane Park announced to X, formerly Twitter, users last night she was back after a considerable hiatus. There was little fanfare for her return but she took to the social media app to announce the return.

    "After some time off I'm back," the lottery winner wrote. It comes just a short while after Jane was spotted posing with a gangland gunman who was involved in a shooting.

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    Life changed forever when Jane bagged herself a cool £1million on her first-ever lottery ticket, and a change in career soon followed.

    Occasional discounts to her adult content have been aired in the past though this tweet from Jane marks her return to the elicit pictures website for the first time in a short while.

    After bagging £1million at age 17, Jane, now 27, says she has made £25,000 more through selling topless photos of herself to members of the public.

    The adult star bagged herself the lotto win and splashed out on multiple surgeries, holidaying to Magaluf, cars and two homes. She had been making just £8-an-hour as an admin temp before her win.

    Since then, Jane has lived with the so-called Curse of the Lottery, admitting she has felt "miserable" since winning the massive sum of cash on a ticket back in 2013.

    She said at the time: "I remember just thinking 'I'm so young' and 'Why would anyone put someone this young through these emotions'. I remember my nana saying 'It's like giving a kid a gun in their hand and not telling them what to do with it'."

    Now though, Jane has been spotted enjoying some time with a gangland gunman who was jailed for 11 years. She was spotted loving life with the ex-con with photos of the duo posted on Instagram.

    The Edinburgh native was spotted with gunman Marc Webley, who was convicted in 2006 of a gangland-style ambush. He was 19 at the time of the crime.

    Mr Webley was cleared of a double murder attempt last year as a witness could not identify him. According to a source speaking to The Sun, the relationship between the gunman and OnlyFans star has caused some unrest.

    They said: "Webley was with the same girl for years and has kids with her. Now he’s happily showing off Jane. They’re not hiding it and everyone is talking about them. They don’t care though and seem happy."

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