Murderer’s lies exposed as Ring doorbell captures her stabbing boyfriend in head

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    A Ring doorbell was all it took to expose a murderer, who was caught in the act of the crime right on her own doorstep.

    Natalie Bennett, 47, knifed Kasey Anderson, 24, in the heart before trying to stab him in the head. She was convicted of the murder at Liverpool Crown Court following trial this week.

    Kasey had been killed just a week before his 25th birthday back in March after being slashed several times with a knife, along with two stab wounds. Murderer Bennett is now claiming her boyfriend was a drug dealer and violent abuser, LiverpoolEcho reported.

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    Her attempts at getting away with the murder fell on deaf ears in court as the remorseless murderer claimed she had met Kasey when he was just 20. She also alleged he could "go nuts" from time to time as he was "very paranoid".

    However, his family members reported that Bennett had left Kasey "looking like the Elephant Man" on one previous occasion, which she denied.

    Bennett claimed she had been assaulted by Kasey a number of times before a damning piece of evidence was sent to the court. A neighbour's Ring doorbell on Carr East Lane had caught the act, with Kasey seen clutching his chest and collapsing to the floor in distressing footage.

    Despite the grave injuries her partner had received, Bennett could be seen attempting one last blow at his head. After pleading on a 999 call for help after inflicting the injuries, she told police that he had arrived at the home like that.

    The mum-of-four was blasted by Richard Pratt, prosecuting, after she "deliberately set about discrediting" the deceased.

    "You’re doing it again, you’re trying to besmirch his character to justify what you did," Mr Pratt said in relation to "bare-faced lies" told in cross-examination. Bennett had called an emergency services operator to report Anderson had "stab wounds all over him".

    Kasey was rushed to Aintree Hospital and received "what was hoped to be life-saving surgery" but died 20 days later on March 31. Medical evidence suggests the slashes were "superficial in nature" but together "demonstrated a concerted attack".

    Bennett will be sentenced on November 10.

    Judge Denis Watson KC told her: "You have been convicted of murder, for which there can only be one sentence – imprisonment for life. It is possible there may be some medical information that may touch on the minimum term I must assess before you can be considered for release. This is a sentence where there can be that only one sentence, which is imprisonment for life."

    Merseyside Police released a statement on the case Detective Inspector Ben Wayment said: "This was a vicious and calculated attack by Bennett that sadly resulted in the death of a young man. Our thoughts remain with Kasey’s family at this time, and we hope this conviction brings them some comfort."

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