WWE and ECW legend unrecognisable as he stars in new Netflix hit Wrestlers

A wrestling legend of the early 2000s has left fans feeling nostalgic as he contemplates retirement at the age of 60.

Former WWE European Champion Al Snow is currently starring in Netflix's hit new docu-series called Wrestlers. In it, Snow features as the boss of Ohio Valley Wrestling, which the reality series is about.

Snow is show running the entire company, and features in some controversial moments, such as when he claims former WWE and Impact star James Storm wouldn't “sell tickets” so paying around £500 for his appearance fee wouldn't be worth the money. The more-businessman like look of Snow, whose real name is Allen Ray Sarven, is a far cry from the heady days of his career in WWE and ECW when he would fling around a plastic model head, with the words “help me” written on its forehead.

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His entrance music was icon, as it asked fans “what does everybody want? What does everybody need?,” only for them to shout “HEAD” in response – the Attitude Era was a fun time. During his time with WWE, or to be more accurate, his second notable stint from 1998 to 2008, Snow won the infamous Hardcore Championship six times, and even bagged a Tag Team Championship alongside Mankind, or Mick Foley as most people know him today.

And while he has won championships in several companies, across more than 30 years, he also has the ominous honour of being given 1999's Worst Worked Mach of the Year award for the infamous Kennel from Hell match against the-late Big Boss Man. But now, it seems like the bloke's in-ring days are far from over, and his overall wrestling career shows no signs of slowing down, despite recently having knee-replacement surgery.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc, he said: “I'm 60 years old and I pretty much live in pain to some degree or another every day. I was thinking, 'Boy that's really going to curtail things, but I'm able to move just as well.

“I would never continue in the ring if I felt like I was an embarrassment. I won't do it. So far — and maybe I'm wrong — but I don't think I've gotten quite to that point.”

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Snow's most recent match was only a few weeks ago, when he wrestled for the Next Level Wrestling promotion in Nebraska. He lost in a title match to Joey Daniels, which is the same result as his first official match in 1982 when he took on the legendary Kerry von Erich for the National Wrestling Alliance.

According to Cagematch, Snow has had 1,173 matches throughout his legendary career. Fans have been taking to social media to praise Snow's appearances in the Netflix show.

One wrote: “Al Snow the Person is the future lord and saviour of pro wrestling. He's exporting all his knowledge of ring psychology to the next generation and inoculating them against bad ideas that are trendy but don't grow the audience.”

And a second commented: “(Al Snow is) easily one of the most underrated and under appreciated professional wrestlers of all time.”

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