Psycho robots will spell end for vicars, priests and just about everyone else

Vicars and priests are among the jobs most at risk from the rise of AI bots, a Government report has warned.

People of the cloth appeared on a list of 20 professions likely to be affected by systems like ChatGPT. Priests like telly faves Father Ted and Father Dougal could find themselves issuing the famous “Careful Now” warning if their jobs start to face the axe.

The Department for Education study found telephone salespeople were most likely to be affected by the systems and forklift drivers were least at risk. The DfE said: “The rep-ort illustrates how the education system and employers will need to adapt to ensure the workforce has the skills necessary to benefit from this emerging technology.”

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It is thought between 10% and 30% of existing jobs are being put in danger by AI, including teachers, solicitors, HR staff and market traders.

AI tools are helping cybercriminals create more convincing sophisticated scams, cybersecurity experts have warned, with better use of proper grammar and no spelling mistakes.

The Star Says: The church’s problems in recent years have been well documented. From dwindling parishioner numbers thanks to more folk believing in science.

To less savoury issues which see priests added to a certain register and put in prison. There’s no two ways about it, the old church just doesn’t have the pull it once had in centuries gone by.

But ecclesiastical bigwigs probably didn’t see their latest problem coming. Experts reckon vicars and priests are among those most at risk from Artificial Intelligence.

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It turns out the chatbots can write a sermon just as well as your local clergyman. And they’ve probably got the monotone voice nailed as well!

But we think the value of the clergy has been grossly overlooked. You can’t imagine R2-D2 sitting down for a cuppa with Mrs Doyle and her friends!

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