Stripper doctor sacked over racy content leak sues her former workplace

A doctor living a double life as an internet stripper is suing her former workplace – the medical one – after being sacked for having racy online content.

Dr Jovanna Isabel Ortega, 33, previously worked for Mexican medical company Issstecali, but was sacked when her second job as an OnlyFans model was made public. She was fired from her role after images from her account were shared around staff, and she has now put in a claim for an unfair dismissal claim – despite previously stating in public that she would not sue her former employers.

She is now also claiming for a loss of wages, and it has been claimed by local media outlets that she has a decent chance of winning as the contract she was under at Issstecali did not contain any form of clause that forbid her from having an OnlyFans account.

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The doctor, who has a masters degree in clinical nutrition was allegedly requested to stop working at the hospital a few months ago. A formal request was allegedly handed to Dr. Ortega from the Institute of Social Security and Workers Service of the State of Baja California.

The Daily Star has contacted Isstecali for a comment.

However, turning the story into a win for herself, she now goes by the only name of Doctor Asensual, and has more than 18k followers on Instagram. Her army of fans don't seem to care that she lost her job, with her comments filled with those declaring their undying love for her.

One wrote: “Me without watching your OnlyFans videos, I already fall in love with you.” And a second wrote, one a photo of the doctor wearing a skimpy schoolgirl outfit: “Why didn't I have classmates like this in school.”

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Earlier this year, the Daily Star spoke to an expert about whether having an OnlyFans career should land you the sack from your normal everyday job. According to solicitor Sophie Campbell-Adams from Britton and Time – a firm based in both Brighton and London – having an OnlyFans account might not actually warrant being sacked.

She said: “Having an OnlyFans account may not in itself be enough to dismiss an employee and a thorough investigation will need to be undertaken before any divisive action is taken.

“Although creating an OnlyFans account as a teacher or nurse has the potential of impacting the employers’ reputation and could bring the profession into disrepute (depending on the content that is created), whether an employer can dismiss an employee for this will be determined by their contract of employment, any workplace policies and or regulatory bodies (if applicable).

“When reviewing the employees' contract, the starting point is whether the employee is allowed other forms of employment and if so, whether there are any restrictions in place that affect the type of employment allowed.”

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