Ukraine says eight Russian officers killed following devastating HIMARS strike

Russian officers meeting is interrupted by HIMARS strike

As many as eight Russian officers have been killed in a precision strike carried out by Ukraine in occupied Kherson, Kyiv says.

The HIMARS strike killed eight of Putin’s top personnel and wounded seven others, according to Ukraine’s security service (SBU).

Video shows a relatively unscathed area where the SBU says officers of Russia’s 24th motorized rifle regiment met daily.

The missile appears to directly hit the structure, causing a large explosion.

A source in the SBU said: “Due to a tipoff from the SBU, the HIMARS missile ‘took part’ in a daily meeting of Russian officers of the 24th motorized rifle regiment of the 70th motorized rifle division.”

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Speaking to Interfax Ukraine, the source continued: “The meeting ended early: eight officers have the status of 200, seven of 300.”

Ukraine and Russian soldiers commonly use the term “200” to describe slain soldiers while “Cargo 300” – shortened to “300” – refers to wounded.

The unverified video comes as Ukraine is set to receive even more precision weaponry from the US and Western allies.

Last year, Ukraine was provided with US-made HIMARS – High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems – which have been used to strike at high-value targets behind Russia’s front lines.

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Now, following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the US, President Joe Biden has promised Ukraine a limited number of ATACMS or Army Tactical Missile Systems.

These missiles, which are HIMARS-compatible, can hit targets with pinpoint accuracy from up to 190 miles away.

While plane-launched UK-Franco Storm Shadow missiles can be used against hardened targets, ground-launched ATACMS offer greater versatility in tactical situations on the frontline.

With more Western ammunition and weapons pouring into Ukraine, strikes on high-value Russian targets behind enemy lines are set to continue.

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