Tourist arrested by Taliban ‘living in luxury’ as captors like ‘Titanic movie’

A British danger tourist who was arrested by the Taliban as he toured Afghanistan has claimed he is "living in luxury" and revealed far-fetched plans to open a gold mine after winning over his Titanic-loving captors.

Miles Routledge, a former uni student from Birmingham, styled himself as an explorer and journalist and set off to visit locations in turmoil like Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Pakistan and several visits to Afghanistan.

Routledge, a devout Christian, was one of three Brits recently captured by the Taliban, despite having previously boasted of being pals with the group.

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And after a period of silence on social media, Routledge has began sharing messages on X again via 'a friend', and claims his captive life is luxurious.

The anonymous friend said the 'prison' Routledge is holed up in is more like a hotel, and said the Brit even has a 'servant' and an Xbox.

"Miles is in a guesthouse and not an actual prison so he's very comfortable," the friend said.

"At first, like all of you, I was worried he was struggling in some bad place but then he described how the Taliban like the Titanic movie and Rambo 3," the friend explained.

He added that Miles is writing his second book titled: 'Lord Miles' holiday in Taliban prison'.

The friend continued: "If he wants eggs, his servants buy him eggs, if he doesn't like a dish, he gets pizza. When we called him he said 'lovely holiday'."

"When we learnt of his hotel like conditions Miles then said 'I’ll consider British ambassador to Afghanistan if the King asks nicely'."

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Routledge, via a friend, claims that his most recent trip to Afghanistan was to open a gold mine in 'Ghanzi' – presumably the city of Ghazni.

Routledge's family have previously said they have no idea if he is safe or why he is being held but photographs appear to show him being friendly with armed men.

"Of course, I am very worried, but I do not know anything or what has happened to him," his mother Susan Routledge previously said.

"No one has been in contact with me. I have not been contacted by the Foreign Office or anyone. I just hope that he is safe, and nothing happens to him."

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Routledge sprang to prominence when he had to be evacuated from Afghanistan when Kabul fell to the Taliban two years ago.

Routledge began calling himself a journalist hell bent on finding the truth, but doesn't appear to have any qualifications in the field.

The former physics student, who often shared right wing and misogynistic views online and whose book was released by a notorious right wing publisher, garned traction on Twitter (now X) and YouTube, and his follwers sometimes paid subscriptions on Patreon to fund his trips.

The Home Office has been contacted for comment.

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