Singer who performs sex acts on stage shares huge fees she makes off racy pics

A controversial singer notorious for on-stage sex antics is raking in a lot more than you might think.

Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, also known as MC Pipokinha, shot to infamy earlier this year after she had a fan perform oral sex on her onstage. Now, the 25-year-old has shared a post on her Instagram account which appears to show her one-month income statement from racy pics site Privacy.

Pipokinha is thought to have a number of income streams, from her music and social media, as well as racy adult content. If the post is to be believed, she brings in around R$500,000 (£81,000) per month on Privacy, turning around R$9,200 (£1,500) per day in profit. According to RIC, her monthly record income was R$3million (£500,000).

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In the celebratory social media post, she said: “Gratitude, my God. Thank you for being a big slut. I'm the owner of the parade. I'm the rich one. My children are going to be millionaires.”

Her latest outing comes off the back of footage of her being spanked by fans. Viewers had a hands-on experience after some were allowed to spank her after taking to the stage.

In another incident, she seemingly led a huge stream of people through the streets in an impromptu mass gathering. The night saw her perform to a massive crowd of adoring fans.

In the past, she has even gone after the church in one of her tracks. The song, titled "I come from the church", went: "I don't give you vagina because I'm from the church. Call me, call me [for a] blowjob." This led to blowback with people angered by her blasphemy.

She previously landed herself in hot water after footage emerged of her allowing two cats to suck on her nipples. After that, she allowed one of her fans to perform oral sex on her while on stage. On another occasion she entered the cockpit of a plane and flashed the pilot.

The hypersexual nature of her performances has led to outrage in Brazil, with several of the shows cancelled. But that hasn't stopped her wild antics.

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