‘I haven’t had sex in two years because men are intimidated by me’

Woman says we should all be ‘slow dating’

A model has laid bare her heartbreak at not having been on a proper date in two years because men are “too scared” to approach her.

Amber ‘Sweetheart’ Johanssen, 37, has droves of fans online who shower her with attention, with nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram (@amberjsweetheart).

But offline is a different situation entirely.

The Swedish model believes being an influencer and model is putting prospective boyfriends off.

Speaking to NudePR.com, Amber – who earns around $60,000 a month through her content creation, said: “I haven’t been on a date or had sex in two years.

“I’m not celibate by choice – I [just] can’t find the right guy. My sex drive is still going strong… I masturbate daily.

“My job hinders my love life and sex life, with most guys scared to approach me. Last time I tried to organise a date, the guy cancelled on me last minute. I honestly think he was intimidated by my success and beauty.”

She added: “Men have told me that they don’t take me seriously and that they would be embarrassed by being with me.”

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The Swede revealed she has “tried dating apps” but “guys seem to think it’s a fake catfish account or they find my sexy content online before the date, and it makes it very awkward”.

Worst of all for Amber, she feels “like they are more interested in bedding me than actually getting to know who I am”.

Despite her dry patch, Amber is still hopeful love will find her.

And she has put Brits on alert as she is keen to find someone from the UK as a partner – claiming them to be more “chivalrous” than her Swedish compatriots.

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She added: “I am looking for someone with intelligence, kindness, good manners, and someone who isn’t cheap.

“My biggest issue with Swedish men is the lack of chivalry. Unfortunately, in my home country, guys want to share the bill 50/50 and I hate that, especially on the first date.

“I don’t mind paying for myself or a date, but it’s the principle. I love British men! I love their accent and cheeky ways. Before I became a model], I used to date a lot more and had a better sex life than I do now.”

In an effort to share her dating woes, Amber recently took to Instagram to ask her followers if they would date her – and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

But the model hasn’t accepted the offers, saying it is “difficult” to date someone she meets online as these people often have “preconceived ideas” about her.

Eager to find someone offline rather than online, Amber has also shared what qualities she is looking for in a potential suitor.

She added: “I would love to find a man with intelligence, kindness, generosity and good manners.

“At the moment, I have resigned myself to the fact that it might be difficult to find a man because of my job. But I would love to find a ‘normal’ man who accepts me for who I am. But I won’t stop looking for Mr Right.”

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