Russian troops run for the hills as they abandon occupied Ukraine village

Ukraine: Drone footage captures fighting around Zaporozhye front

Yevgeny Balitsky, the top Moscow-appointed official in the Zaporizhzhia region, has confirmed that Russian forces have abandoned the Ukrainian village of Robotyne. This revelation comes after Kyiv declared the successful recapture of the village.

Balitsky has issued a statement addressing the situation in Robotyne. He reported that Russian forces had “tactically abandoned” the settlement, citing the impracticality of remaining on open ground in the absence of appropriate defences. The Russian army, according to Balitsky, has relocated to the neighbouring hills.

Ukraine declared the successful seizure of the strategic settlement on the southern border in Zaporizhzhia on Monday. This accomplishment represents the latest stage in their gradual approach towards disrupting the Russian defence positions guarding the land path to Crimea.

On Monday morning, Hanna Maliar, the deputy defence minister, issued a statement confirming the liberation of Robotyne village, located south of Orikhiv. This advancement brings Ukraine into direct touch with Russia’s primary defence line in the southern region, which protects the approaches leading to the Sea of Azov.

Polish General warns of possible Russian interference in upcoming elections

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