Putin given ‘weapons’ gifts by North Korea ‘chums’ ahead of ‘birthday raids’

Vladimir Putin has found himself inundated with grim birthday presents from ruthless dictator "chums" from around the world, including North Korea and Iran.

The Russian president may be relieved to see he has been given "weapons" from despot Kim Jong-un, especially as Professor Anthony Glees alleges Ukrainian "birthday raids" are to be carried out. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's forces are hitting back at Russian aggressors.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Professor Glees noted a number of "deep holes" punched by Ukrainian counter-attacks on "three Russian defensive lines". It may be the last birthday for the Russian president too, should the war in Ukraine lead to a major loss for Russia.

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Some gifts for the 71-year-old despot, who blew out the candles and received his wartime presents today (October 7), were not what the warmonger was wishing for.

Professor Glees said: "Putin of course will be thinking about presents. He's already had some good ones from his chums. Kim Jong-Un has offered him North Korean weapons and Iran has offered him drones.

"Slovakian voters have just given his sinister chum Robert Fiko most votes in their recent election, so the EU could now have three heads of government alongside Hungary's Orban and Poland's Morawiecki, who veer towards Russia and away from Ukraine."

It is not all rosy for Putin, who has found himself fending off wave after wave of Ukrainian advances in occupied territory. Russian troops found themselves battered and pushed back in what Professor Glees described as "some presents he does not want to have."

He continued: "For example four deep holes punched by the Ukrainians through the three Russian defensive lines to the south east of Ukraine. These are now being widened, destroying Russian forces and clearing Russian minefields in the process, creating a path for the US Abram tanks Biden has given him to start to battle their way towards Crimea.

"We are reminded of the Allied advance into Western Germany in 1945. For example Ukrainian forces are carrying out many other daring raids against Russia, striking deep into Russian controlled areas, including blowing up the HQ of the Black Sea fleet in Crimea and taking out a submarine and warship.

"For example Ukrainian grain ships can use the Black Sea for exports and Putin is powerless to stop them." A powerless Putin may be worried for his future in the Kremlin, with a failed coup from Yevgeny Prigozhin earlier this year rattling the ruler's grip on power.

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