Mia Khalifa shares top 10 things I hate โ€“ its bad news for vegans and Europe

Mia Khalifa has revealed the top 10 things she loves and the top 10 things she hates.

The Lebanese-America star, 30, has recently been in the UK for London Fashion Week (and made her catwalk debut). But despite her frequent European holidays, something from over here made its way onto her hate list. A certain type of man also came under fire.

Speaking to Dream Baby Press, Mia put "the moon" at the very top of her love list. Having previously revealed that she's a keen reader, it is no surprise "having a pile of unread books" came in third. Another notable entry was "the first joint of the day" in eighth – Mia has made no secret of regularly smoking cannabis.

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At the very top of her hate list was "vegans". "Insecure men" came in third and, taking a dig at an entire continent, she put "coffee in Europe" in seventh. Mia even went as far as to describe our coffee as "weak" and "watered down".

Her full lists were as follows:

Love – 1) The moon. 2) When they say the name of the movie in the movie. 3) Having a pile of unread books. 4) Feeding a wood burning fireplace. 5) Orange blossom scent and flavour. 6) Arabic samples in hip-hop music. 7) When an outfit I picked in my head works. 8) The first joint of the day (with coffee). 9) Driving for hours. 10) "This song reminds me of you".

Hate – 1) Vegans. 2) The ending of "Lost". 3) Insecure men. 4) Looking for parking. 5) People who still wear Alexander Wang (derogatory). 6) Bad tippers. 7) Coffee in Europe (Weak. Watered down). 8) When my bonnet falls off in my sleep. 9) Not being in an Uber Eats zone. 10) Getting a phone call.

Mia recently got to enjoy her fourth-most loved thing – "a wood burning fireplace" – as she revealed she was staying in a 1400s home during her visit to the UK.

Mia used the old house as a quaint backdrop for saucy images she shared with fans. In one mirror selfie on Instagram, the home's wooden beams were visible behind her as she posed in only a racy green bikini.

On X (formerly Twitter) she went as far as to share a fully nude image in front of the home's fireplace. Only her hair and a tactically placed knee were protecting her modesty.

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