Meghan Markle believes ‘Prince Harry is real star’, says body language expert

Meghan Markle appears to known full well that her husband Prince Harry is the star of the power couple, an expert has claimed.

The pair have been in Germany for the Invictus Games, with the Duke of Sussex taking centre stage.

However, Meghan grabbed the spotlight back for a bit when she gave a speech during an event to promote the games.

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Having apologised for turning up to the event late, she spoke of how “really proud” she was to be a part of the event.

And it was during that speech, where she spoke about the importance of family, that body language expert Inbaal Honigman claims Meghan showed signs of realising Harry was the star of the par.

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, Inbaal said: “Meghan's speech at the Invictus Games shows us that she really wants to do a good job, and feels proud of her husband for his incredible achievement with founding the Games.

“As she walks onto the stage, the former TV star keeps looking back, as if she's checking in with Harry to ensure that she's standing on the right spot, that he's happy with everything she's doing.

“Meghan maintains eye contact with her husband as much as she can, and briefly even reaches to hold his arm – this tells us that she needs none of the limelight, she's only arrived to lend her support to the Games and to honour the athletes.

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“Harry doesn't keep Meghan's hand on his arm, suggesting that he doesn't need for her to be demonstrative with her support.”

The expert, who is also a Tarot Card reader, went on to claim that Meghan actually showed signs of nervousness, especially when Harry was speaking.

And that nervousness turned into anxiety, too.

“Her movements during the speech are a little clipped, hurried, so she might be nervous,” she explained.

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“When Prince Harry speaks, his wife appears to be picking at her fingers absent-mindedly, so she is still anxious to do well.

“What we see here is a spouse who came to show her support – she's proud of her man and wants him to know it.”

After watching Meghan the following day at wheelchair basketball, Inbaal notice Meghan's pride again saying: "Her focus is on empowering him and supporting him. Prince Harry is the real star to his wife."

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