Bloke arrested after filming outrageous video forcing his dog to smoke marijuana

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    A man has been arrested after he allegedly filmed an outrageous video of himself forcing a joint into his dogs mouth to make it smoke with him.

    The bloke, who has only been identified by local media as Ricardo, was arrested from his home in Santo Agostinho, near Manuas, Brazil, after he shared a video of himself forcing a marijuana cigarette into his dog's mouth.

    The suspect, who worked as a photographer, is allegedly to be a drug user as he was seen smoking it himself before passing it on to his pet.

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    Ricardo was identified after deputy Joana Darc asked for help from her social media followers to identify the suspect and find out where he lived.

    He was taken to a police station. It is not yet confirmed if he will face charges.

    However, the animal has thankfully been rescued by the deputy, who is now looking for a new home.

    Veterinarian Moira Gerlach warns that marajuana smoke "can cause potential life-threatening symptoms" in animals.

    Owners are advised to make sure their pets are out of the room if they are using the drug.

    Symptoms are said to be similar to that of intoxication.

    Neurological symptoms could also include dilated pupils, staggering, trembling, convulsions, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as salivation, vomiting are common.

    The drug known as "weed" can also impact their behaviour, with the animals sometimes showing restlessness, apathy, or increased vocalizations as well as aggression, even biting if they are suffering from a seizure, Tag 24 reports.

    However, the severity of the symptoms can vary depending on the animal and the amount ingested.

    If you suspect that your pet has consumed cannabis, consult a vet straight away.

    "Report honestly what the animal has consumed," Gerlach added.

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