‘Human-like’ dog’s baffled reaction to owner’s phone call has family in stitches

A “human-like” dog left his loving family in stitches over his reaction to his owner's phone call with her friend.

Labrador/border collie cross Vinny is often seen in viral videos on social media.

But one video left his family in stitches after he was seen looking genuinely surprised at a chat his owner was having on the phone.

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In the clip, Vinny sat beside a blonde woman, who was holding the phone to her ear speaking to her friend.

She said: "So I was speaking to mum, mummy and daddy, the other day and they said they put their wellies on and then they went for a walk down the valley with the ball.

"Then they basically said that they wanted some treats, I'm sorry, and then Grandma came and she bought loads of treats."

During the chat, the dog was seen looking at the woman wide eyed and excited as she said words like "mummy and daddy", "wellies" , "ball" and "treats".

By the end, the dog had jumped up and was licking the woman's face while she giggled. Harrison Brocklehurst, who shared the clip to Twitter, was also heard chuckling.

The beloved pooch first went viral after he stole the hearts of people across the world for his reaction to his owner coming home.

Vinny barely saw Harrison after the 26-year-old left his family home in Stockport, Greater Manchester, to go to university back in 2020.

But when he did return home, Vinny, named after Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany, often “went mad”.

Footage taken by Harrison’s mum showed the adorable pooch staring at the camera as he’s told that his best bud is coming home.

His mum said: "Guess who’s coming to see you next week, you’re going to have a night in with Harrison."

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With that, the dog looks out the window in the apparent hope that Harrison is arriving at that exact moment.

But when he's told that he's not there right now, Vinny hilariously grumbled his discontent.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Harrison said Vinny “interacts with us like that all the time” and described him as being "very human-like.”

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