Covid deaths surge in Europe as deadly new JN.1 strain sweeps globe

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    A huge wave of deaths from the latest deadly strain of Coronavirus has been confirmed, as the variant sweeps the globe.

    Experts had already expressed fear that there is a mutation in the new JN.1 strain that could make it far more contagious than previous versions. And now the sub-variant of the Pirola strain has spread, with a rise in deaths reported in some countries including a European total of 874 deaths in the seven days up to December 4.

    Indian officials are now panicking after four deaths were reported in one day in Kerala โ€“ with 1,144 positive cases also reported. But, Rajeev Jayadevan, the co-chairman of the National Indian Medical Association's Covid taskforce tried to play down the situation.

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    Speaking to local media, he said: โ€œA few deaths have been reported as expected, but most cases are not requiring hospitalisation. Severe disease is limited largely to older individuals and those with co-morbidities.โ€ However, according to Rajendram Rajnarayanan, PhD, assistant dean of research and associate professor at the New York Institute of Technology at Arkansas State University: โ€œIt has probably spread to every country tracking Covid.โ€

    The UK has actually seen a huge rise in positive cases in the seven days up to and including December 6. That seven-day period saw a whopping 5,227 cases, which was up 26.5% โ€“ or 1096 cases โ€“ on the previous seven days.

    The figure has been slowly rising all month, with the rate of cases per 100,000 as of December 13 standing at 10.99. Although this is a slight from from December 12's 11.63, it is still way above the 7.47 figure the Government released to the public on December 1.

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    It also saw a 27.2% rise in patients being admitted to hospital, with 2,622 in total seeking urgent care, which is an increase of 561 on the previous seven days.

    To add to the chaos, there has also been a 300% rise in hospitalisations of those with influenza ion the UK โ€“ although the Government's website doesn't give an exact number of cases, however.

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