Bloke cut in half by forklift back in hospital as he admits ‘not a great month’

A bloke who was chopped in half in a dreadful forklift truck accident is back in hospital with a bowel infection as his road to recovery continues to be a rocky one.

Loren Schauers, from Montana in the United States, had his lower body crushed when the forklift truck he was driving fell 50ft off a bridge.

The entire bottom half of his body was amputated after the horrific incident in September 2019, and he also lost his forearm.

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But inspirational Loren, who’s from Great Falls, has built up an online following as he’s documented his recovery from his injuries with the help of his wife Sabia Schauers-Reiche.

In his latest Instagram post, Loren wrote: “Hey guys, been awhile since I’ve posted anywhere except the Facebook group, we’re alive!

“I’m in the hospital with c-diff cause of the antibiotics I was taking due to a kidney infection.

“So not a great month but still good cause theirs air still flowing through our lungs and our wits are still about us. We appreciate you guys!”

C. diff (or Clostridium difficile) is a bacteria that can give you the runs. According to the NHS’s website, it often affects people who have been taking antibiotics.

As well as diarrhoea, symptoms can include a high temperature, loss of appetite, feeling sick and a stomach ache. But it’s usually easily treated with other antibiotics.

In another update the pair gave a few months ago, they revealed that Loren might be getting a prosthetic forearm.

The state-of-the-art gadget would be made by Atom Limbs, which claims it has made the first artificial human arm that is capable of the near-full range of motion and restores a basic sense of touch – and is controlled by the mind.

It’s hoped the new forearm will be available next year.

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