Angry neighbour leaves note threatening to call police after innocent mistake

An angry neighbour has been branded “ridiculous” after they left a note threatening to call the police because of an innocent mistake.

A social media user has told how neighbours of theirs living in an attached property in Canada said they would alert local authorities as their homes were often mistaken for one another.

Posting on Reddit, user u/NeighbourlyWoes explained that when they held a party at their home, someone “mistook their house for ours” and knocked on their door.

The person apologised and went next door after they realised their mistake, seemingly without incident.

But, the following night, the Reddit user found a page-long letter claiming the experience had left them “terrified”.

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Posting on the platform’s r/legaladvice subreddit, the user explained they and their boyfriend had hosted a Christmas party in 2015 for a small group and initially suspected the neighbour had complained about noise.

Instead, they wrote about how “terrified” they were to have someone knock on their door at night.

They wrote: “In the letter, the neighbour completely exaggerates everything.

“He goes on for a good page about how terrified he was and thank God his door was locked, etc.”

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“And then he claims we constantly have people coming in and out of our house without knocking. Which is untrue.”

The user added that she and her boyfriend “go in and out” of their home and admitted that “sometimes we tell friends they can just come in” but rarely have people to visit.

When they do, they said, they never have “more than maybe five or six people”.

They said they understood how someone knocking on their door could be frightening but added that “no one actually went into his house” and it was an “honest mistake” on their friend’s part.

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The user said the neighbour had threatened to call the police if something like this happened again or if they saw the person who mistakenly knocked on their door visiting, “even if they don’t knock on his door”.

They concluded the post by asking other Redditors if they could get in trouble for the incident, with many shocked at what they had read.

One user said: “Of course you can’t get in trouble for this. Your neighbour is ridiculous.”

Another added: “You’ve done nothing wrong. Probably should tell your friends to be sure of the house in the future to avoid this.”

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