New Nakamura E-Gravel Bike Impresses With Low Price, Premium Parts

Popular European sports outlet Intersport has dabbled into the electric bicycle market with its own brand, Nakamura. We’ve talked about some of Nakamura’s e-bikes before, and the common denominator among them is that they blend performance and affordability. Its newest model is no different, but it leans towards the premium side of the spectrum.

Gravel bikes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and are hailed as versatile all-rounders that excel in city, light trails, and across long distances – much like the early mountain bikes of the 1990s. In electric form, gravel bikes are proving to be quite a hit as well, and the new Nakamura E-Gravel presents itself with some seriously impressive components. Now, seeing the Nakamura brand emblazoned on the side of a frame may have you thinking that it’s a budget bike, however, the company wants to change this with the E-Gravel.

From a performance standpoint, the E-Gravel is equipped with a mid-drive electric motor with 80 newton-meters of torque – not far off from the likes of Bosch and Shimano. The motor draws power from a 460-watt-hour battery pack that’s housed within the downtube of the e-bike. Nakamura claims a range of up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) on a single charge, although as is always the case, actual range will vary depending on your riding style and assist level.

Apart from the impressive powertrain, the Nakamura E-Gravel impresses with a Shimano GRX groupset. GRX componentry has earned quite a reputation among gravel enthusiasts thanks to its lightness, durability, and precision. It features a 1×11 setup, and comes to a stop with hydraulic disc brakes. To keep tabs on all your settings, as well as to change assist modes on the fly, there’s an LCD display on the drop bar for easy access. On the scale, the Nakamura E-Gravel is said to weigh in at 19.5 kilograms – not that bad, considering its affordable price tag.

Speaking of price, the Nakamura E-Gravel is, unfortunately, available only in the French market as of this writing. It’s sized in S, M, and L, and carries a price tag of 2,000 euros, or about $2,147.

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