‘Sticky Vicky was ahead of her time – people couldn’t imagine a show like hers’

Resident and business owner Frank the Stag Man who organises stag dos in Benidorm has spoken out about icon Sticky Vicky – he says her show was "unbelievable" at the time of her first performance.

Sticky Vicky, whose real name is Victoria María Aragüés Gadea was born in Tenerife, but moved to Benidorm, near Alicante, in the 1980s. Prior to the move she was a classical ballet dancer who worked with her contortionist sister for 15 years.

However, when she moved to resort town Benidorm she created a show unlike any other on offer – initially a burlesque style strip show she eventually changed her performance to be far more x-rated. Vicky, stage name Vicky Leyton, shot and pulled things out of her vagina right there on stage for agog audiences.

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This included ping-pong balls, eggs, handkerchiefs, sausages, razor blades and, mind-blowingly, machetes being pulled from her undercarriage. The sexually explicit act was so controversial at its conception that local Frank believes it paved the way for Benidorm’s current extreme shows.

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Frank, who runs fkitparties and his own TikTok channel, @frankthestagman, told Daily Star: "In that day, her show would have been like, would have been just unbelievable. You know, you would just never have imagined a show like that could have even been in existence, you know, because back then people were a lot more conservative.

"That’s how I see it – she’s come up and that’s how Benidorm’s come up. The two things are very hand-in-hand. She came here with a great idea. She did it. Everybody wanted to come and see it and even now people still constantly ask about it.

"I’m not joking, I move hundreds of [stag] groups a week and they still mention Sticky Vicky all the time.People will laugh and think that’s funny, but the reason is we have a different mindset nowadays. We’ve grown into a more extreme way of life – there’s everything out there now, but back in the day there wasn’t. And it was shocking, but not in a negative way."

Frank thinks that Sticky Vicky's contributions to the Spanish town are what turned it into the party hub it is today. Nowadays, Benidorm is famous for its strip, it's 88p pints, free shots and massive nights out – and that's what sets it apart from many locations on the Costa Blanca.

Frank noted: "Back in the day, it was just another coastal town and there’s hundreds up and down the coast. All the others have sunshine and beaches. You’ve got Alicante, the capital, which is huge and has all the resources, it’s beautiful. But, Benidorm came up and the answer is simple – what Benidorm needed all those years ago was something for people to talk about, something that people were going to come and want to see."

So he wants to see the superstar – who even appeared in ITV's Benidorm – get a plaque to memorialise her career in the Spanish town. We happen to agree and you can sign our campaign to get Sticky Vicky her own plaque too.

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