Friends who were ‘bored at work’ end up booking 12-hour holiday

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    Three pals decided they were bored of the attractions on offer in their home town, so found a flight for just £30 and went for a 12 hour holiday. The cheap tickets to them from London Gatwick Airport to Dublin, in Ireland, on October 14.

    Ben Jacobs, 20, and his two friends, Evie, 20 and Rosie, 18, decided to go on their night out abroad while chatting on their lunch break. They swiftly bagged the cheap Ryanair tickets for their speedy holiday and left the UK at 7.45pm.

    The best part of a trip to Ireland is the fact that the flight takes less than an hour – so the pals didn’t have long to journey before they could get stuck into their fly-by holiday. They headed straight to the popular Temple Bar area which is full of pubs and clubs.

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    The pals apparently took in the "immaculate vibes" and watched Ireland play in the Rugby World Cup. They then went bar hopping, took a walk across O'Connell Bridge and then ended up at The Academy Club. After dancing all night, it was time to grab a quick kebab to restock and then head to the airport at 4.30am. They went through passport control and security and ended up on their 7am flight home.

    Ben, Evie and Rosie landed at 7.45am and got home at 10am, just in time for them to have a long nap, we think.

    Ben, a healthcare assistant from Kent, reckons he spent a total of around £120. He said: "If I could do that every time I go out, I would. People were so nice, the general vibe in the town, the club, dancefloor. It was immaculate, it was absolutely perfect. I'd 100% do it again – it's very doable."

    He claims he decided to take the plunge after one of the girls called him at lunch time to invite him along. He said: "I first noticed about it last year that people were getting these cheap flights and flying out for the night. My friend called me on a break and decided we were gonna do it. It was the newness of it all, the unexpectedness to go for a night out off the back of a flight was really cool."

    The group also payed extra for a coach into the city centre, but it was taking so long that they got a taco instead. He claims it was "very busy" but that conversations with the locals "flowed", although he admitted that the "drinks were quite a lot more expensive than I budgeted for".

    The pals aren't the only ones to jet off on a quick holiday for a bargain price. Andy Armstrong, 63, spent £25 on a flight to Spanish party island Ibiza and headed out to clubs Ushuaia and Pacha before kipping on the beach and returning home.

    Party animal Andy Armstrong took nothing but a change of clothing in a carrier bag for his speedy holiday away. He had just come back from Ibiza when he went back to work – only for his colleagues to egg him on to return without booking a hotel.

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