Plane passenger rages as mum changes smelly ‘biohazard’ nappy in her seat

A holidaymaker has complained about her recent flight after she claims a woman changed her son’s nappy three times "in her seat". She explained that it "stunk like hell" and insisted that parents shouldn’t be allowed to bring children on certain flights.

Now, we all hate certain parts of air travel from the cramped seats to the bland food, but usually you can expect that the only way you’ll see any toileting activities is if you yourself nip to the loo. Unfortunately for one woman she was horrified by the experience on her red-eye flight.

She explained on Reddit that she was on the plane from 10pm to 2am and the woman sitting behind her was flying with her young son of around two years old. Frustratingly, the young child began to annoy the passenger by shouting, kicking her seat and resting his feet on her arm rest – but things were only to get worse.

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The woman said: "[The] mum changed his diaper THREE times, IN the seat. Didn't bother taking him to the bathroom even though she was one row up from the very back of the plane, right near it. It stunk like hell. There was also a baby in another seat piping up screaming on occasion. FFS, one lady even had a puppy on the plane and he made zero fuss. Perfect little angel. Maybe he had had a sedative, IDK. But these parents should either sedate their damn kids or just not be allowed to bring them on certain flights. Good Lord."

Sedating children is not actually an option – only give your baby or child medications recommended by their doctor.

However, lots of people shared the woman’s outrage at the mum changing her child's nappy on the plane. One commenter said: "I feel like changing a diaper in a plane is some sort of biohazard?? Also 100% would pay extra for childfree flights though parents would scream DISCRIMINATION and then sneak their kids onto the flight somehow I’m sure because 'everybody loves babies why wouldn't you love my precious angel who shrieks the whole ten hour flight?!'"

Another added: "I'd pay almost double for a childfree flight. I don't blame the kids, I blame the parents."

A third said: "I agree 100%. I mentioned this in a similar post last year. I commented how I went on a 10 hour flight straight through to Hawaii, in first class, and some guy had his four children in first class with him, all of which screamed and cried almost the whole time.

"Main reason we paid all that money to sit in first class in the first place was to hopefully escape children, but clearly that didn't happen. Would be incredible if child free flights were a thing."

She’s not the only person who gets frustrated by small children on flights. We understand that it can be grating to hear shrieking for Horus at a time – however, there’s not much parents can do bar ensuring their child’s ears don’t hurt by giving them a bottle or dummy.

A spirited row broke out recently after an airline announced that it would be creating a child free zone on some of its flights. This summer , Corendon airline announced it would ban all children and babies from the special "Only Adult" area on its A350 flights between Amsterdam and the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Twitter (now known as X) users called the decision "sad" and "weird" while others celebrated being able to fly without hearing crying children. In addition, a parent was slammed after a video showed their child wearing aglow-in-the-dark outfit on a red-eye overnight flight. The small child’s costume not only glowed with multicoloured lights but also flashed with a strobe effect.

While another man was infuriated by a crying baby. The man raged loudly, shouting at flight attendants because a baby on the plane had been crying for "45 minutes".

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