Lesser-known winter village where you can see Northern Lights 300 days a year

Seeing the Northern Lights is on most Brits' bucket lists, but it's not easy to spot the natural phenomenon – unless you're in the small town of Churchill.

For the best possible chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis, you need dark nights and minimal light pollution, which is exactly what you'll find in the remote town hidden in Manitoba, Canada. Thanks to its home in the middle of a subarctic area, the Aurora can be spotted in the sky for an average of 300 nights a year!

Of course there are always peak times for the best possible chance, so if you want to tick the lights off your list, head to Churchill between February and March. (Incidentally, these are also the best months for spotting the likes of polar bears in the area!).

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Reaching Churchill isn't particularly easy though. There are no roads in or out of the town, so you'll need to fly in – usually you can get a flight to Winnipeg and then get a connecting flight from there, although it's best to book through a tour operator to help with the logistics. Alternatively you can get a train to Churchill from Winnipeg, but be warned that the journey takes around two days and two nights! (Although you'll get treated to some pretty epic Arctic views along the way).

As Churchill is so small and remote, there isn't a huge amount going on so it's definitely not one for party-seekers. However, there are some pretty incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences to be had as well as seeing the lights, such as spotting the likes of polar bears and beluga whales, or going on a cruise in the icy waters around the town.

For spotting wildlife, nearby Wapusk National Park tends to be a hit with visitors. However, take note that you can't visit on your own – you'll need to be with a licensed tour operator for all activities in the park.

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"An amazing area, very wild, almost moon scape," one happy explorer wrote on Tripadvisor. "Your chance to see the local wildlife, including Polar Bear, take a Tundra tour, its the only way you can see it. For a wonderful safari go with Frontier North."

Oh, and keep an eye out for the Miss Piggy Plane Wreck when you land, although one visitor quipped on Tripadvisor: "It's amazing everyone survived this plane wreck. It was not comforting to get off of a plane and have this be the first stop! The art on the plane is very haunting".

There are also a handful of museums and visitor centres if you fancy learning a bit more about the region too.

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